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Welcome in X-Lay Out, we have some cool friendster layouts for you. We share that in five main categories, Anima, Dark, Nature, Techno, and Other, and all templates are free. But if you want a different layout from everybody, we have a CSS code generator for your friendster profile page. With this tool, you can build your own cool layout on this site. So you can have an exclusive layout only for you. And than, you can submit your layout and you can share that with your friend.

You can search the layout with our search engine on the bottom of page or you can browse by categories on the left side. But for now we just have some layout, so we need your help for submit your own layout to this site. For submit your layout, leave a comment, or other thing, you can contact me on or follow this link for view my contact list. And finally, enjoy on my site and a hope you can get your dream layout for your friendster profile page on this site.

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